1 - Installing SMELT

   To install SMELT you have to execute the "" script as follow:
   # sh 
   # ./

2 - Configuration

   You can configure SMELT by editing smelt.cfg file, or by executing the script
   - If you want to use the configuration script, just execute the following:
   # ./wizard.smelt

   - If you want to edit the smelt.cfg file, you must edit the following entries:
 LIMIT:  Maximum ocupation of the monitored disks in the monitored host. (Values are defined in %).
 ASSIGN:  Here are defined the assignees that will receive the SMELT reports.
 HTML:  Report format definition (may be ASCII or HTML).
 SERVER:  Status of SMELT server use.
 IP_SMELT_SERVER:  SMELT server IP definition. This IP MUST be reachable by the SMELT client.
 IP_SMELT_CLIENT:  SMELT client IP definition.
 MAIL:  This entry defines if SMELT will send the produced reports through E-mail to the determined assignees.
 ON_MONIT:  Defines if the reports will be sent in every execution of SMELT.
 FTP:  This entry defines if the reports will be sent to the SMELT server via FTP.
 FTP_USER:  This entry defines the username for ftp in SMELT clients and servers.
 FTP_PASSWD:  Password definition of SMELT client in the file transfer. This MUST be the same in all SMELT clients that are part of the same monitored network. Changing this entry is not recommended.
 SERVER_DIR:  Directory to which the reports will be sent in the SMELT server. Changing this entry is not recommended.
 SMELT_CLIENT_DIR:  Defines the directory where the reports obtained by the monitoration in the SMELT client will be stored. Changing this entry is not recommended.
 SERVER_DIR_HTTP:  Directory to where the reports will be linked(Document Root).
 REMOTE:  Defines whether to use a remote SMTP server to send the reports via E-mail or not. (This entry will be valid only if the entry MAIL described above is set to ON).
 IP_SMTP_SERVER:  SMTP's IP definition.
 SMTP_PORT:  Port of the remote SMTP server.

3 - Execution

Before executing SMELT, you MUST configure it correctly. After doing this, you just have to execute:

   # ./smelt

4 - Accesssing the Results...

There are two ways to access the results:
   - E-mail: The reports are e-mailed to the assignees described in the 
             configuration file.

- Web: The reports are accessed via web browser, in the SMELT server. Use this URL: http://SMELT_SERVER_IP/SMELT/

Smelt Monitoring Tool Team